WTF is #BudiBicaraTJ & #BudiBicaraTwtup ?

Written By Lingkar Dunia on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 | 2:42 AM

#BudiBicaraTJ #BudiBicaraTwtup

So I noticed this hashtag being posted over and over again these past few days - Budi Bicara WHAT?????

So after doing some digging, I found out who are behind this gig (Not gonna tell who they are - you gotta attend to find out!), got them to clear the air what it is all about, and now, I present to you the abridged version of that long explanation.

#Budibicara Twitterjaya is not in any way trying to regulate how one should tweet. Heck, if that's what they're promoting, I'd be the first one to stand against it. I tweet lots of stuff which can never, under any circumstances, be considered polite wei! It's my freedom to do so.

But are #BudiBicaraTJ and #BudiBicaraTwtup trying to play big brother on me, telling how should I and how I should not tweet? Far from that.

Basically (rolled your tongue, spoke like a Yindian when you read that, didn't ya?) it's more of a movement promoting responsible tweeting amongst citizens of Twitter Jaya. They aim to encourage the awareness of being a responsible Tweep, and most of all, learn the importance of being accountable for info one posts (and help spread) online (social media, blogs etc).

So how do you define responsible tweeting?

I think it's easier to define what an irresponsible tweet is. Mirror that and voila! According to these fellas, an irresponsible tweet constitutes tweets that spread malicious, unbacked, poorly researched, baseless pieces of information that in turn, possibly can be used to ridicule, defame, and worse, prosecute someone of stuff (worse, crimes or actions) they have never committed in the first place. In short, this movement (if you want to call it that) is against rampant spread of misinformation and the proliferation of baseless public prosecution - moreover in Malaysia, we like to pass on judgment on a whim.

But it happens every day! Look at Buletin Utama on TV3! Most of the stuff they report are hogwash too! Why kecoh about Twitter?

True. But unlike the news where people who actually watch them really do believe what is said, and is a bit trickier to spread what they saw on TV, Twitter (and Social Media as a whole) are much more efficient avenues to spread information, in a short period of time.

With a simple click of the RT button, a LIKE, and copy-pasting of URLs, a malicious tweet, posting or blog entry can spread around - and made even easier considering us Malaysians are that kepohchi when it comes to gossip. Yes. We are that kecoh. 80% f Malaysians probably watch Melodi on weekends. The outcome? Not pretty.

Example? Remember that 'Sitt Alwazura expose' by them Gaysec bunch, accusing innocent individuals as being the person behind the controversial tweets/ postings that are offensive against Islam?

To most Malaysians in cyberspace, whether the findings were true or not, it's not important. We love gossip, and we love spreading it.

Eh. Kalau awak tu dedahkan siapa Sitt Alwazura, confirm masuk syurga ke?

My timeline was flooded with the retweets and chatter of Gaysec's 'findings', concluded from a shoddy Googling (so much for detective work!) and above average imagination. Even prominent, self proclaimed 'retis twitter' retweeted the 'information' to their huge number followers who as it is were on a witch hunt, baying for blood and looking for for a scapegoat. (really kids? nak fast track to heaven?)

Outcome? Threats of physical harm and even death threats were directed at these innocent people and what happens at the end of the day? Nothing. Gaysec remained anonymous, and the case was swept under the rug. Who's the biggest culprit here?

Gaysec? Heck no. What separates Gaysec from the lousy investigative reporters out there, whose findings went unpublished due to too many holes in their research is that their (Gaysec) medium of choice, instead of print media, was the internet. Anyone can be conspiracy theorists.

The biggest offenders are those who retweeted such information without even checking the validity of it. What if it's you're the one wrongly accused, and the results of the findings were totally false yet your image is now tarnished just because a few irresponsible tweets and retweets? Think about it.

A second agenda of #BudiBicaraTJ is to address the (for lack of a ter word), 'ethics' in mudslinging (eh ada ka?) and political rhetoric, amongst cybertroopers of political parties (both sides aye, the #budiBicaraTJ / #budibicaraTwtup is on neutral ground here).

We all read various kinds of them online jabs, off-color tweets involving all sides, some involved attacking one Chief Minister's kid, some about another guy's sexual preference (eventhough after he was acquitted by the court), specifically targeting a family member of the politician, while others are just plain nasty, racist and vile. Come on man. Why la always wanna hit below the belt kan?

You probably read stuff from RPK, KJ, Tun Faisal, Hisham Rais, Tian Chua, Tony Phua, papagomo and parpukari (to name a few) whose tweets, blog posts and comments that are more often than not, were found to be baseless in the end. Oh if only these guys can work out some constructive talk instead of slinging crap over to the other side?

So what is this #BudiBicaraTJ / #BudiBicaraTwtup gang gonna do to address this issue?

They've organized a tweetup and have (so far) roped in five speakers, all heavyweights (not literally) in the local social media scene and they are going to discuss about issues pertaining to social media ethics - and you guys get to quiz these keyboard warriors in real life too! SWEET!

Not sure whether it's gonna take place but wouldn't it be nice to see cybertroopers from both sides meet face to face, and square off (on the microphone, not in MMA gloves - although I wont mind seeing that take place. heheh!).

Anyone who wants to state a personal point pertaining to the topic are able to submit their details to , and you might get to be a warrior on the mike too! The stage is yours!

The gig is on the 19th (Thursday) January 2012, at NZ KLCC( I have no idea where it is. Google! Dont worry. They're not on blackout), 2100hrs - that's 9p.m.

Sold? Apparently these fellas already confirmed their attendance to the #BudiBicaraTwtup

1. Datuk Saifuddin @saifuddinabd
2. Dato� Rahman Dahlan @mpkotabelud
3. Tun Faisal @tunfaisal (yep)
4. Hishamuddin Rais @IshamRais (oh...sparks will fly!)
5. ZainHD @ZainHD
6. Fahmi Fadzil @fahmi_fadzil (oh he knows a lot about responsible tweeting and accountability!)
7. Eekmal Ahmad @eekmalahmad
8. You guys lorr!

OK. That's a long post. And I'm not even paid for this. Abridged konon. okok. Extended abridged version. Happy?


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