Overanalyzing The Dark Knight Rises teaser trailer #2

Written By Lingkar Dunia on Tuesday, December 20, 2011 | 6:33 PM

Ok. In case you haven't seen the newest teaser trailer for Chris Nolan's third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises (TDKR), here it is.

So today under the overanalyzing guise, I will try to point out stuff I've noticed in the trailer in hope of getting a better understanding of what to expect in TDKR.

1. Bruce Wayne and his cane.
The story picks off around eight years since the last movie. Based on how The Dark Knight ended, I kinda felt Batman is now considered a myth, an urban legend at best.

We'll see Bruce Wayne (or a reflection of him) with a cane, limping. I dont think this is from a fight with Bane whatsoever. This is more due to the injuries sustained being Batman. How recent? Could be a few years since The Joker was neutralized. probably a botched Batman mission got Bruce all banged up. Alfred went "I swore to them (Bruce's parents) he'd protect him"; but he havent been doing a good job at that.

If you noticed the part where Bruce Wayne showed his scars to Alfred in the second movie, you'd understand why he's like that now - broken and battered.

So I'm guessing borrowing a leaf from The Dark Knight Returns (the comic book), Batman took a break. The story picked up when Bruce Wayne's injuries are now healed, and he's back to 100% and Gotham now a relatively safe city.

2. Jim Gordon being kicked out.
"The Mayor's gonna dump him in the spring".

Peaceful time, no Batman....why need Jim Gordon, yes?

3. Enter Bruce wayne walking into a ball, possibly he hosted.

"You think this can last. There's a storm coming, Mr Wayne," - Selina Kyle / Catwoman.

Ok. Some website who also analyzed this line and suggested that Selina Kyle is the other 99%. Especially with "You all gonna wonder how you can live so large and leave so little to the rest of us,". I say BAH.

Considering how storylines in movies are eerily similar to those in comics released around the date of release, like in Batman #1 (The new 52) Wayne is trying to rebuild Gotham from ground up. Rhas Al Ghul in the first movie said it's a city dying. It's his last Batman movie - surely Nolan wants to tie up the loose ends and make sure it connects to the first one, hence, Bruce trying to save the city with his money instead of his suit. (Was recovering all the while, anyway)

Also, with Two-Face presumably dead (TDK ending), Bruce Wayne is Gotham's White Knight of sorts.

Selina Kyle told him off because she thinks his idea is not in sync with what Gotham needs. Plus, she knows Bruce Wayne is Batman, and she knows he will have to come out of retirement soon.

4. "Rise"

Enter Bane.

Several explosions here and there ...and you'll see Arkham Asylum inmates breaking out, amidst the chant of "Arkham, Arkham City!". Or did I heard it wrongly?

Bane's first attack? A football game (well, they filmed it at Pittsburgh Steelers' Heinz Field!)

Bruce Wayne walks into what i believe is the bare Batcave, asked Alfred "What does that leave?"

Alfred - "Rise"

That #86 running while the whole football pitch blew up is Hines Ward of the Steelers!

5."When Gotham is in ashes, you have my permission to die,".

Bane wants to burn down Gotham and he wants the saviour, its White Knight to watch it burn. Hence the line.

So Batman makes a comeback, the Batmobile, unpainted is back in action with a new Batwing. Lots of people were asking - both Batwing and Batmobile is operating at the same time - who's driving them?

I think it's Batman in both! You've seen how he can control the car remotely and obviousness is never Bats' element in surprising his enemies.

Cut in the courthouse brawl, and Batman facing off Bane. This will be one of the few face offs, I think.

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