Sci-Fi Revoltech #024 Iron Man Mark VI review.

Written By Lingkar Dunia on Saturday, October 15, 2011 | 8:24 PM

I admit - I'm a sucker for anything Iron Man and I have to say, my most prized possession (Iron Man -related) is my Hot Toys Mark IV 1/6th Action Figure. It cost me a bomb really, around RM560 when i picked it up and a quick check on shows it's being sold starting from RM700 and above.

Pretty steep yes. My next pursuit is the Mark VI armor, which I missed picking up when it was released and as a result, now costs minimum RM800 on ebay.

So what's the next best thing and at the same time NOT bust my budget? A Kaiyodo Sci-Fi action figure!

The figure stands at 6 inch tall - same height and proportions with Marvel Select & Marvel legends action figures but with more articulations.

The figure is pretty flexible too! Managed to do that iconic punching the ground pose which i have yet to get my Hot Toys Iron Man to perform.

It comes with several pairs of swappable palms - fist, open palm, and a pair shooting out beams. Likewise.

and this one.

Size comparison with Marvel Legends Captain America & Batman from Dark Knight (both 6-inch tall)

(sorry about the flash - old picture and I couldn't be bothered to take a new one =p )

The Kaiyodo Sci-Fi 024 Iron Mark VI action figure retails starting from at RM 155. (Look out for deals eh! You might be able to score a cheaper one too!)


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