Dennis Lehane to have his own imprint

Written By Lingkar Dunia on Tuesday, October 11, 2011 | 12:12 PM

A bold new trend in marketing

William Morrow has announced that Dennis Lehane, whom they have published since 1994, will now have an imprint of his own. Dennis Lehane Books will "help identify and acquire literary fiction with a dark urban edge." The announcement did not specify a launch title or a release date beyond saying Lehane would oversee publication of a "select number" of fiction titles annually and that he would work with his longtime editor Claire Wachtel. Lehane's agent, Ann Rittenberg, negotiated the arrangement.

Lehane said, "My goal is to call attention to worthy writers, who for some unknown reason aren’t as popular as they deserve to be. That's a reason to get out of bed every morning."

William Morrow publisher Liate Stehlik added: "In a world where computer algorithms and screen placement often replace in-store recommendations, having a line of books with a talented and highly regarded writer like Dennis is a great way to help readers discover what to read next. The list will be made up of the kind of high-quality writing that Dennis most admires and that readers would associate with his name."

It's an interesting new ploy.  Maybe they will go retrospective. Anyone in the market for "Agatha Christie Books"?


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