Anniversary of Hemingway suicide goes unremarked

Written By Lingkar Dunia on Tuesday, May 31, 2011 | 2:39 PM

Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park chooses not to memorialize ghoulish anniversary

Occasionally I sift through lists of "what happened on this date in history" for wordsmiths, and manage to produce a post.  For some odd reason, that kind of post is very popular.

What has annoyed me, however, is that invariably the date connected with some famous author is his or her death date.  Why not something a lot more cheerful, such as his birth date, or the date his most famous work was launched, or lauded with a notable prize?

Accordingly, I said, hear, hear, when I read that the Ernest Hemingway Foundation has chosen to ignore the fiftieth anniversary of the great author's suicide.

As a former chairman. Allan Baldwin, remarked, "We don't consider that a particularly big event for any number of reasons. We really don't get into those types of things."

After all, there are other reasons to remember a man who lived a remarkably full life, who won a Nobel Prize and a Pulitzer, who reported five wars, and experienced many adventures.

The Foundation chooses to honor him on his birthday, July 21.

Again, hear, hear.


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