Amazon UK's Most Pre-Ordered Gaming Console 'Nintendo 3DS'

Written By Lingkar Dunia on Friday, March 18, 2011 | 10:59 AM

As we know Nintendo 3DS is soon going to release on March, 27 so as time getting closer people are taking more interest to place Pre-Order the popular gaming console. Amazon UK has revealed that Nintendo 3DS has become its most popular pre-ordered console of all time. The online retailer has also slashed the price of the handheld to �187, down from �197.

Gamasutra has reported that, Amazon UK announced that customers have placed 20 percent more pre-orders on the Nintendo 3DS than the PlayStation 3 had in 2007, and 56 percent more than Wii, the last most pre-ordered Nintendo console on the website. Additionally, it has also beaten the pre-order numbers of every Nintendo DS model, with a reported 255 percent more pre-orders than DSi alone.

According to Amazon UK's Director of Video Games, Chris Poad.
"It's unusual for a handheld console to attract this amount of excitement in the run up to launch, such high levels of interest are normally reserved for the play-at-home hardware like the ground-breaking Nintendo Wii and last year's Microsoft Kinect,"
"Nintendo 3DS is launching at a time when interest in all things 3D is incredibly high and with the promise of real 3D graphics without glasses, it's a real breakthrough in handheld video game entertainment."

Current Amazon UK's top five gaming hardware pre-orders are:
  1. Nintendo 3DS � launching 25 March 2011
  2. PlayStation 3 � launched March 2007
  3. Nintendo Wii � launched December 2006
  4. Microsoft Kinect � launched November 2010
  5. PlayStation Move � launched September 2010
Nintendo 3DS is set to hit store shelves next Friday in Europe and on March 27 in North America.


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